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Emyphe LLC Launches Slide Scheme Puzzle Game for Android!

Try to think outside the box to become the puzzle master in this original concept puzzle game. It challenges any puzzle-head like never before!
Slide Scheme Game App

Slide Scheme Synopsis: A new experience in gaming, and only the most determined players will be able to beat this hard-to-put-down puzzle game! To complete each puzzle, you must break blocks until only one color block remains on the screen (shapes visible for color blind access). The game mechanics seem simple, but are unique enough to capture your attention and really make you think. You’ll have to Slide and Scheme your way through this addictive, fun, brain-puzzler, to become the puzzle master!

The difficulty increases as you play...think outside the box...we mean, blocks!

Each of the levels requires skill, logic, and patience. Do you have what it takes to complete all levels?

You are going to scratch your head until you learn to think in a different way. Download the game for free and tell your friends on your favorite social network.

2014, Emyphe LLC, an independent developer smartphone and tablet games, began. Created by passionate gamers who want to bring the classic style of gaming to the mobile world. The goal is to create fun, challenging, and honest games. Honesty, and integrity are forefront for players enjoyment in each and every one of our games. Fun fact: The company name came from mashing two of our pet's names together to create something unique!

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Get it on Google Play An iOS version should be out very soon. Stay tuned for regular updates on www.emyphe.com

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